Converting Imperial measurement drawings to Metric in DraftSight or AutoCAD:
Some of you may be obtaining imperial plans you’ll be wanting to convert into metric. Here is a little guide we made to do that in programs like AutoCAD or DraftSight…

If you want to convert these drawings to metric
1. At the command line, enter “scale”.
2. Select all the drawing in a window.
3. Hit “Enter”.
4. 0,0 is your base point.
5. When asked, enter “r” for Reference.
6. Enter “1” to specify reference length.
7. Enter “25.4” to specify the new length.
8. Press “Enter” to finish the process.

A 10″ line in the original drawing measures 254 mm in the new altered drawing. You will need to adjust the dimension text and arrowhead height in the dimension style as required.