This is an open market site. Sort of like a flea market for house plan CAD files. You register for a free account on this site, create a post or posts for plans you’re wanting to sell, barter, or trade to your fellow designers and drafters, and then complete the transaction through your own PayPal account. Actually, you can use whatever transaction method you wish. I do ask that you abide by the following rules:

  1. Once someone pays, trades, or barters for your CAD file, you complete the transaction within 24 hours unless it’s by mutual agreement.
  2. Your files must be “as advertised”. In other words, don’t place a description on your post that doesn’t completely describe what someone will receive once the transaction is completed.
  3. You may place links to your personal site in your personal posts, but not your profile. These links must be to your personal or business site and not to unrelated web sites.
  4. All posts must first be approved by the administrator before they are made public. Spamming will not be tolerated on the Exchange.
  5. Do not post plans on this site that you do not own the rights to. In other words, if someone else owns the copyright to the design, don’t place it here without express permission from the one who owns the copyright. If you do post someone else’s plans here, they must be given written credit as the copyright holder.
  6. Pricing is your business. We will not set a cap on how much you charge for your drawings.