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Learn to draw complete House Plans, Machine Drawings, Site Plans, Plumbing Plans and Isometrics, Electrical Lay-outs, Roof Plans, Machine Shop Drawings, etc., from our Website!

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Before any home or commercial building is constructed, before any machine or fixture is assembled, before any piece of furniture is created, there is a drafter drawing the plans to build them. Becoming one of our students will put you on the fast track to working in one of these industries as a CAD drafter with the skills needed to walk into that good paying position. Become a Certified Drafter!




Apprenticeship Training. Learn Drafting from an Experienced Draftsman


I started my career learning drafting in the middle 1970's and have trained in just about every field of drafting, working for and contracting to Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, & Designers. I can pass this knowledge on to you through this website using several courses I have designed especially for teaching a person to draw mechanically and in a CAD program. Click the "Enroll" link above to start your career in Drafting.



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PLAN LAYOUTS AND DESCRIPTIONS: You'll be given a very complete understanding of Mechanical Drawings and Architectural plans so that once you begin the drafting stage of your education, you'll be more familiar with what you are doing.

RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE: You will be studying all the various aspects of Residential Architecture from the Floor Plans, Electrical Plans, Sectional Details, Kitchen Details, Roof Plans, Foundation and Basement Plans, Site Plans.

MECHANICAL SHOP DRAWINGS: Here you'll learn what's needed to complete shop drawings that would be used to create manufactured items. We will teach you how to draw the complete views of the subject item or fixture and then break it down into parts drawings.


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